October Event

The Regulator hosted the October event and had the usual great spread. Several newbies we included.

Game 1 - Muskyboy ran over the competition for the win. It really wasn't even close as Musky outplayed everybody at the tables to score and easy win. Nobody really was even in contention in this one as the Champ KO'ed 8 of the other 11 participants. Doc tried at the end to make a comeback but was severally outplayed by Musky. Squeaky took third.

Game 2 - Kramm'it, playing in his first MPT event took game 2 KOing 6 players in the evening. The final three were Kramm'it, McCallem and Muskyboy. Kramm'it had a monster stack which looked like it had been accumulated via lots of luck and not the skillful play that was seen in game 1 by Muskyboy. McCallem tooks second after sucking out on the river to get a straight and split with Musky. If it weren't for the runner runner suckout, McCallem would have finished third..who cares that the hand started with McCallem having pocket aces vs. Musky's AJ.

With 10 months down note the following stats:

Over 30 players have attended Various events
1 Squeaky 820

2 Musky 520

3 PP 440

4 Mc'Callem 380

5 Doc 340

6 Reg 320

7 Dead $ 260

8 Half Amazing 180

9 Sausage King 180

10 Magic Man 140

10 Lloyd 140

10 Kramm'it 140

1 Squeaky 5 (includes 3 in a row)

2 Muskyboy 2

PP 2

Mc'Callem 2

Regulator 2

Half Amazing 2

3 6 with 1

1 Muskyboy 7 (2-3-2)

2 Squeaky 6 (5-0-1)

PP 6 (2-1-3)

Mc'Callen 6 (2-1-3)

3 Regulator 5 (2-3-0)

Half-Amazing 5 (2-2-1)

Knockouts (since update to TD2)
1 Mc'Callem 13

2 Muskyboy 12

3 Squeaky 11

4 PP 9

5 Half-amazing 8

Kramm'it 8


No Wonder Ken has been missing

Ken, also known as "Beginner's Luck" has been a no show recently. He says he is working in Italy, but I believe I have found the truth. Doesn't the star of this video have a striking resemblance to Kenneth (and I'm not talking the rapper)?


Squeaky Sucks Again

Squeaky, riding a tidal wave of suckouts extended his season high winning streak to 3 consecutive tourneys. Luck was certainly on his side as he rode suckout after suckout to the win. I came to the tourney pretty drunk so can't say that I remember much, but I do remember running up a rather large stack of chips only to be sucked dry by Squeaky who made an amazingly bad read, and an even worse call against my all in only to suckout on the river. It was on the bubble so Squeaky's suckout hurt even worse. I'm sure others played well and had some decent play but Squeky's luck would not be overcome.

Squeaky came into game two with high hopes of going 4 straight to tie Sausage Kings suckout fest record, but it wasn't to be. Without Sausage King and W style luck on his side Squeaky came back to normal and finished out of the money. Khyle, shockingly finished out of the money as well (I say that with a high level of Sarcasm). Lucky PP showed up for game two just in time to be knocked out in about 3 minutes, which seems to be becoming a bit habit forming for him. The final four was Doc, Ross, Jamie and Musky. Within the final four there were 3 all ins that ended in a tie and play was rather tight. Doc was the chip leader, but Doc, Ross and Musky were able to survive several all ins to stay in the game. The key hand of the final four saw Musky all in with KJ (or the hand of Death) against Jamie's QQ, but a King came on the turn and Musky survived. Ross ended up dropping out 4th and Jamie offered to chop 2&3 place with Musky but Musky declined. Jamie stated that he wouldn't forget that Musky wouldn't chop, so of course Jamie got knocked out on the next hand. After that Doc had about 90% of the chips and made quick work of Musky, who has now been first loser (2nd place) 3 times this year.

Next game will be hosted by Squeaky.


Squeaky Kicks Ass

MPT February event was a suckout fest as usual with Squeaky being the king sucker. Winning both tournaments by sucking out his opponent on the river.

Game 1 started with a bang as PP was all in and all out on the first hand of the game. Halfman was out shortly after and then play settled into the standard MPT fare. Lots of suckout and lots of "how could you call with that" types of play. I can't remember who finished third, but when play was down to two it was Squeaky and Muskboy heads up. Pre-flop Muskyboy was all in and was inexplicably called by Squeaky, who made a very non-squeaky like play. The cards were flipped and Musky had a suited Q 6 and Squeaky has some trash like 5 7. Of course Squeaky hit his card on the river to take the win.

Game 2 started off wild. PP folded his first hand so was guaranteed to play at least twice as many hands as the first game. Soon he had built a monster stack and looked to be on his way to the money, and was running all over Squeaky raising with monsters like 3 8 and having Squeaky fold. PP eventually pissed his chips away and finished 4th. Alan's little buddy Gary finished 3rd and heads up was Squeaky and Doc. Squeaky sucked out Doc on the river for another tainted victory...but he took the cash again anyway.



2006 Champion - Mc "Callem"
runner up - Half Man Half Amazing
3rd place - Muskyboy

Past Championship Winners

2005 Dead Money
2004 Muskyboy


It's Christmas time in pokerland

I like blogging. I like Poker. I like Money. It's a great things when those three meet. Generally, my wins have been too few for me to be crowing about here, so I have to look for it in other ways.

So I was excited when an opportunity came up to get paid to review an on line store: www.CardroomSupply.com. Head on over, they have a lot of very good stuff. I've checked out the local places for poker tables for my future poker\hot tub room (shh don't tell my wife, I'm still selling the idea). Frankly, the choices all suck. You can buy a $5 table top for $30 at the local place, or an overpriced real table at pools R us. Good Cards? Not locally. What if someone kept losing all the dealer buttons (not naming names Doc, don't take offense)?

This site has a good selection., and the prices are actually fairly competitive (based on what my Dad paid in Vegas and 10m research). It has everything a poker whore would want. Cards, chips, even $800 timers. And then there's this lovely item.

Musky, you're a big shooter, you can afford this can't you? Take one for the MPT. C'mon.

Personally, I don't like big chain stores as much as mom & pop shops. And if you read the snippet on the site, it's basically a guy who realized that poker stuff wasn't as easy to come by as it should have been. So he started selling it on the Internet using the Yahoo store engine. That's why you may see the Y logo.

They even have a link to 31 Hold Em Tips. I wonder if "don't bet into quads with an inside straight draw is one of them." Go forth and purchase.


Things that annoy me; minor swag alert

I have two things that are actively annoying me tonight. First, poker in movies or scripted 'drama' on TV. I went to see the latest Bond movie. The 'plot' if you want to call it that centered around a winner take all $150 million Hold 'Em tournament. Because you know, if you're an evil super-villain, you want to put your genius to use in a poker game.

The poker is stupid. I can't suspend my disbelief. "He would never call in that situation. He's a mathematical genius, and he's doing this?" So I guess what I'm saying is that I can believe that Bond can chase a bad guy with a bomb across miles and miles, jump from crane to crane, dodge bullets better than and Arnold character in any of his 80's action movies, and still have his wits about him enough to ... etc, etc. But fuck with poker and I'm out.

#2 on my list is Daniel Negreanu. Besides being way too happy (unless he's whining about something), he loves birds apparently. A recent blog post was titled "Happy Tortured and murdered bird day." He had a great dinner of 'tofurkey.' He's not sure why we should be celebrating anyway.

I hate PETA people. With a passion. I can be civil around my wife's aunt, who is a PETA freak. But I have to. There is no choice. We only see each other on holidays and I don't want to hear for a month how I ruined Christmas. I should probably stop here before I get on too much of a rant.


So anyway, in addition to the all important bracelet, I am throwing in a "Stacked" hat. I did a small review of the software earlier this year. Yay for the winner.